Winter Essential Packing List: Tromsø In A Carry-On

So, you've booked your ticket to Tromsø, and now you are wondering... What to pack for a trip to the Arctic? Staying warm, on a cold polar night is essential.

The region of Tromsø has a coastal climate, therefore weather, and temperature can change frequently, which adds to the confusion of what you will need. 

Layering is a great technique. You will need a base layer, preferably wool. Synthetics are also good, but they just will not keep you as warm. Add a thick jumper, wool or fleece. Paired with a wind and water proof, insulated pant and jacket, makes for a perfect outer layer. Additional mid layers are optional, due to each individuals comfort. Accessorising with a reflector, helps you to be seen in the dark. 

Our hands, head, and feet, are where we loose the most heat. So, its obvious, packing a hat, gloves, and suitable boots is a must. Often mittens are warmer than gloves, as our fingers can keep each other warm! Something to consider would be to add a liner glove, especially for those of you shooting your Northern Lights photographs, as it can often be tricky to access your camera settings with thicker gloves. For ultimate comfort, you can add a neck gaiter.

Footwear is the most crucial, and hardest part of packing. You should wear a thin liner, under a thick pair of wool socks. Make sure to wear an insulated, and waterproof pair of boots. Wet feet, mean cold feet. The streets of Tromsø, are often covered by snow and ice during winter, it can get slippery, so be sure to consider the grip on your footwear.

Being dressed like this, you should be prepared for any weather the Arctic could throw at you! This may sound like a lot, but in reality, these are the only items you will need, for your visit to Tromsø. Last but not least, don't forget to bring your camera, toothbrush, and clean underwear.

Joining us on tour?

...We provide thermal suits, delicious homemade hot food and drinks, and a cosy campfire, to help you keep warm on your "journey in search of the Northern Lights"

Jeff Kelmer