Northern Lights In Tromsø: When To Visit?

We get asked this question a lot, but what is the right answer? Well, technically speaking the time around equinox has higher chances of strong Northern Lights. But as they are caused by nature, is there really a better time? We will share our thoughts, which may help you decide when to visit.

Our Northern Lights season begins in late August. The days are still very long, making this a suitable time, if you are looking to visit during the mildest climate. As we go through Autumn, the colours of the trees and landscapes, make for stunning Northern Lights photography.

Throughout October, the days rapidly get shorter. Polar night is approaching, and by November we begin to spot the whales on their migration path up north. While we all wait patiently for the snow to cover our landscapes again.

Polar night is the darkest time of the Northern Lights season, lasting 2 months(21st Nov - 21st Jan). During this time the sun does not rise in the arctic, but creates a soft glow for some hours around noon.

When the sun starts to rise again in late January, the whales continue their journey, and we begin to spend more time outdoors in the snow. Making this a perfect oppurtunity for winter activities.

As the days continue to get longer throughout February and March, the temperatures are at their lowest. Our Northern Lights season draws to an end by mid April, and once again we head towards the Midnight Sun.

The last thing to keep in mind is the moon phase. Visiting around new moon will give you the darkest skies, causing the Northern Lights to appear stronger, and on clear nights filling the sky with stars. Whilst during full moon, the Aurora may appear fainter, but illuminates the landscapes which can make for very effectful photographs.

With the climate changing, and the ice caps melting, who knows what the future winters will bring? The best time to visit Tromsø is up to each individuals preference and expectations. Bring your positivity and patience, we look forward to seeing you on tour with us!

Jeff Kelmer